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Post Mix

Post Mix is specifically designed for those jobs that do not require a smooth, trowelled finish. The mixture is a blend of cement, sand and aggregate designed to firmly hold posts in place. Simply add water and the Post Mix can be used with both timber and steel posts. Recommended for: fence posts, letter box posts, clotheslines, swings, garden lights or bedding pipes.

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Post Mix is a perfectly proportioned blend of cement, aggregate and sand especially designed for setting fence posts, logs and letterboxes into the ground. This formula was created to develop a sturdy yet pliable consistency that can be applied to the area whilst stabilising the pole or log throughout the curing process. This ensures that your work remains level and balanced whilst the product dries and hardens. Available in 20kg bags.

  • Optimal consistency for the installation of posts and logs
  • Maintains position whilst setting to reduce the need for excessive structural support
  • Is an economical alternative to using concrete
  • Compressive strength of 15MPa* when fully cured
  • OneMix bags can be stored outside, unopened, in all seasons
  • The packaging can prevent leakage of product and any excess dust
  • Provides improved shock and tear resistance, which can reducing wasted product


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